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Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting

Make the most of the digital marketing strategies you’ve developed and develop your team’s ability to use them like pros with training and consulting adapted to your people and your needs.

Learn How to Develop Your Strategy

Digital marketing isn’t “one-and-done.”
Your agency shouldn’t be either.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You can’t simply set and forget digital marketing strategy.

That’s why we stick around after the CRM is in place and the team is prepped. For companies who need a little extra educational help beyond HubSpot Academy’s course load, sales and marketing teams in need of alignment, and any company getting ready to implement a digital marketing strategy and take execution in-house, Spot On offers a variety of training and ongoing consulting engagements designed to help teams get informed, get comfortable, and get successful using HubSpot’s deep toolbox.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Sharpen All Your Tools

HubSpot Training

Beyond the Online Academy

For teams in need of a deeper dive than HubSpot Academy’s online offering, Spot On offers custom, hands-on training on any of the platform’s tools, from Sales to CRM and Marketing. We start from your trouble-spots and build out a tailored training program that can be executed over several hours, a half-day or full day, depending on your needs.
Inbound Sales Training

Close the Loop on Leads

For businesses finding that HubSpot Sales or the CRM results in loads of leads but few conversations, or beginners struggling to reap the full benefit of the platform’s tools, we offer a series of workshops and weekly training modules designed to help sales and marketing marry old-school outbound marketing tactics with inbound insight. Hint: You can help anyone, cold calls are a thing of the past, and voicemail can be a powerful tool (if you use it right).
Inbound Coaching

Bring Your Strategy to Life

Your digital marketing strategy is set. Your internal team understands all the tactics and tools. But there’s hesitation: Which ones do we use? How do we interpret the data we’ll receive? We can help, with Inbound Coaching that follows sales and marketing teams as they implement strategy and progress through the HubSpot program. You do the work, we review the output (copy, design, everything) as well as the data to ensure your efforts measure up to your strategy and stay on track with your goals.

Want to Learn More About Training?

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