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Inbound Marketing

Grow your sales through a strategic marketing plan that has the customers you want coming to you.

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Whether you're talking to clients or customers (SaaS) or patients (healthcare marketing), inbound marketing strategy offers the best path for qualified lead generation from your online presence. Every place your business is represented on the Internet should assist in taking people to your website and through each step to becoming a customer.

Inbound marketing ties everything together to meet sales goals. It is much more than just showing up on the Internet - blogs, websites, social media etc.

It should be flexible enough to bend to changes in the marketplace and adapt to the latest technology without hitting the reset button in order to meet goals.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get going? Let's start by taking inventory of what you have, examining what you need and building your internal team to carry you to success. We will help you.

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New Call-to-action

Common Misconceptions About Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing doesn't work...

Oh yes, he’d tried it and it doesn’t work. He had used Facebook, a blog and spent thousands on a website. That stuff doesn’t work.

You’ve Been Googling
for me for six months...

We’re not exactly sure what this means but someone said it to us once. 

Just SEO it so I can get
more customers...

Magic sauce that SEO – rank number one for some keyword, right? Money and customers will just pour in after that happens. Times have changed but most haven’t realized it.

What we have here is a failure to communicate – a big one. Inbound marketing is a simple concept but somewhat intricate – get some of the pieces wrong, don’t bother to fix them and no it doesn’t work … because it was never really there.

Inbound marketing is attracting people to your website who are qualified to do business with you, then converting them into leads and customers.


By definition it sounds easy but when you set out to do it … that’s when things start to get complicated for you. Inbound marketing is a methodology – and a strategy. It’s a mindset. Most people who label it a failure haven’t really done inbound marketing at all. Social media channels, search engine optimization and blogs are used to attract 

qualified visitors (prospects) to a website, call to action buttons, and landing pages convert traffic to leads and email marketing nurtures leads to become customers. Ongoing delight for all site visitors with useful content has them singing your praises to their friends. You might recognize this as “word of mouth advertising.”

I don't need a root canal.

While some might say this to a dentist to avoid the unpleasant procedure, most people don’t question it when a dentist tells them they need a root canal. They also don’t tell the dentist, step by step how to handle the procedure. Instead, some might learn about it so they can hire the right person for the job but many will just pick a dentist they feel they can trust and let that person handle it.


If you aren’t getting customers from your online efforts, fix it. Learn how first, so you can choose a professional to handle the job for you. Just like you wouldn’t seek out the cheapest deal on the root canal, consider this when you are trying to find help to run your business with online tools. It’s nice to save money, but be sure you get value
and not just the cheapest price for a bunch of promises.


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