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We Are The Spot On Agency

Spot On is a digital strategy agency. We design websites, develop strategy,
and build brands, but more than that, we partner with businesses to help
them grow and succeed by thinking strategically about their marketing.

The Spot On Agency

We Love What We Do

We’ve been doing it since 2012, when we were founded by Susie Kelley and Rebecca Graves. We’re a close-knit team, and like to get close with our clients, too, learning their businesses like we’re starting our first day on the job with their company, and counting our clients’ success as the only measure of ours.

All of this has earned us awards and HubSpot certifications, but more importantly clients who have stuck with us and return again and again to become long-term partners.

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DNA Check

We also love working with clients who share some of the same foundational building blocks that give life to our team and our work.


If you’re looking for a vendor to check the boxes and check out of the project quickly, we’re not for you.

Measurable goals-obsessed

Complete solutions that are closely tied to your goals are our thing. We want to co-create those goals with you, work toward them, and then defend against anything that might put you off-course on your way to meeting them.

Foundation Forward

You don’t construct the attic of a house first. Similarly, we know that marketing success begins with a solid strategic foundation. We want you to build on something smart, sustainable and designed for success.


Meet The Team

Susie Kelley

Susie is the “face” of Spot On, our networking guru and inbound sales training lead, initiating and then building lasting relationships with our clients as we help them meet their goals and grow their businesses. But she wasn’t always a salesperson. A commercial art degree lead to work in the art department of a small newspaper, where Susie stumbled upon selling. It was love at first sales call, and drew her away from creating toward a partnership with Rebecca Graves that eventually resulted in Spot On. If you hear a hammer pounding away in the background of one of our conference calls (or a banjo; go with us here), it’s probably on Susie’s end – she adores restoring old homes, and still exercises her creative muscles on occasion by plucking a few strings as she learns a new instrument.

Rebecca Graves

Rebecca is one of our intrepid founders and the partner in charge of “client happiness,” a task she adores, in part for the challenge it brings every day. She began her career in the printing world but happily shifted to online marketing, meeting the industry’s ebb and flow and satisfying her inner geek. She’s our in-house problem-solver and our perspective-shifter, able to see the forest and the trees to guide our clients expertly toward their goals. When she’s not working, you’ll find Rebecca refinishing old furniture, hanging out with her two rescue dogs and African Grey Parrot, or putting her problem-solving skills to good use trying to figure out the celebrity voices behind whatever animated movie she might be watching (an interesting skill she says is like having a built-in voice recognition program in her head).

Erica Pierce

Our art director overseeing all design and development, and a “radar reviewer” with a truly impressive attention to detail (she can spot a double-space from a mile away), Erica came to Spot On from a previous life in print design. After an introduction to HTML and CSS coding at a former job, she fell in love with the combination of creativity and technicality that digital design provides and never looked back. She uses her duality of experience to make sure our clients’ websites are the best they can be in terms of design and user experience. Erica is mom to two canine bff’s Olive and Val, and if she hadn’t become a web designer, you’d probably find her tending to rescued animals on her own farm right now.

Alison Brunson

Alison has always enjoyed flexing her creative muscles, from creating Geocities websites as a kid to learning to crochet. She’s forever looking for the next thing to try, something she brings to the Spot On team in her love of learning something new every day from our clients all over the US. As a graphic designer, she brings our business’s visions to life on-screen and keeps us on-point and on schedule in our process, placing a high priority on efficiency. In her spare time, you might find her tuning into a true crime podcast or painting in her sketchbook.

Lauren Conners

Our in-house organization guru, Lauren coordinates and implements our clients’ digital marketing strategies, ensuring all our best laid plans run smoothly, from social to content strategy, blog optimization to email automation workflows. Her role at Spot On is the perfect culmination of a career building marketing skills in small B2B agencies, allowing her to explore new ideas, learn about new industries, and mix her love of writing with experience in Hubspot and content strategy. She’s coffee-obsessed, often dreaming of her next travel adventure, and has recently found a new love of sauerkraut (especially this great whiskey-dill flavored kind).