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About Us

We believe everyone should live in a world with better wellness.

Spot On works with companies whose products and services are at the forefront of advancing quality healthcare. We amplify the impact of their solutions in support of better outcomes for all.

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Creatively led.

Since 2012

When Susie Kelley and Rebecca Graves started Spot On, the world of the web – and healthcare – were a different place. As an agency, we’ve grown up alongside the modern digital marketing machine as it has evolved and matured. And we’ve partnered with B2B healthcare companies as they’ve continued to hustle up brilliant, creative solutions to their industry’s ever-morphing set of problems and challenges. Sometimes, we even often work with them through several revolutions of their products and business models.

All this is to say that we recognize that ceaseless curiosity, a fire to learn and grow, and a willingness to go deep with clients is the only way to do digital marketing in a technical field well.

All the questions, iterations, stories told, and hearts and minds captured for our clients have earned us awards and HubSpot certifications, helped us recruit some of the best marketing brains in the industry, and most importantly, earned us the trust of companies who have returned to us again and again to become long-term partners.

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Working with a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency eBook

Our guide, Working with a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency for Your Healthcare Software, offers best practices for working with a healthcare digital marketing agency, including: building an effective healthcare software marketing strategy, understanding what’s involved in key marketing services, evaluating healthcare digital marketing agencies and more.

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Focused & Relationship-Based

What makes us different

We specialize in healthcare

We specialize in healthcare technology

Some marketing companies can barely spell HIPAA. We’ve been helping companies stand out and be heard in the healthcare space for years, creating brands, content, and campaigns that dominate remote patient monitoring, medication reconciliation, EHRs, HIPAA-compliant texting, and many more.

We’re partners, not vendors

We’re partners, not vendors

If you’re looking for a digital marketing firm to get in, really get to know your company, and get their hands dirty creating results, we’re your people.

We know you’re unique (just like us)

We know you’re unique (just like us)

Healthcare marketing and websites can get a little same-y. We start from who you are and where you are, creating specialized messaging and marketing solutions based on your needs, not just one-size-fits all digital solutions that fall flat.

Proudly Remote Since 2012

Meet the Spot On team

Having a decentralized footprint means we can ask the very best marketers in the business to join our team, regardless of where they call home. As a result, the Spot On Team is made up of a collection of amazing, super-smart folks with broad backgrounds but a centering love of helping healthcare companies be the very best they can be.

Recognized for top expertise in the industry.

At Spot On, our partnerships and certifications demonstrate our on-going commitment to ensuring digital marketing excellence.

Google Partner

Google Partner

Spot On is a Google Partner. As such, it has been recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications

GDD Graphic

Growth-Driven Design

This certification from HubSpot demonstrates competency in the building and optimizing of peak-performing websites that drive business growth and deliver user value.

School of Motion After Effects

School of Motion

After Effects badge for completion of coursework in animation storyboards and professional video animation.

Google UX Design

Google UX Design

This certification demonstrates skill in developing usability studies, wireframes, prototypes and iterating on designs.

Let’s see if your sales teams can keep up.

Whatever your starting place, we’re ready to dig in, learn, research, design and strategize how to help you break out, level up or grow stronger.