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Digital Marketing

B2B digital marketing for SaaS and healthcare is a team sport. Play with the right partner.

Bring customers to your digital door, tell your story clearly, and convert leads into strong sales pipelines. How? With the help of expert marketers who are about teaching B2B SaaS and healthcare brands how to better market their products rather than doing it all behind the curtain.

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You know your audience, we know how to reach them.

We know; you had big plans for marketing. Throwing money at products and not really getting what you need from them, creating content that just doesn’t convert…it’s fairly common to have the best intentions but just not enough time or information to create real impact. Fortunately, it’s what we do at Spot On.

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Get clear ROI

We see it all the time: SaaS and healthcare companies with marketing spend that outpaces sales and well-used HubSpot memberships that just aren’t performing. We have both the SaaS and healthcare focus to tune up your strategies and make the most of your spend.

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Partner & find your groove

Think of us as your A-team: our digital marketing, paid advertising, UX, UI, design and content specialists work together to create a well-oiled marketing machine ready to help unveil your next innovation or release to the world.

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Grow, don’t stall

The messy middle is real, even in B2B SaaS and healthcare marketing. Get help from our strategic growth experts to plan your next big leap and equip your team with the tools, knowledge and insight to keep the curve bending upward.

Trying to figure out how to reach your audience in a tough industry? Check out our eBook!

How to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare SoftwareOur guide, How to Build a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Software, offers best practices so you can build a successful digital marketing strategy, including: staying ahead of healthcare marketing trends, the necessary components of a digital marketing strategy, whether or not you should use marketing automation and more.

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The Spot On Method

No pre-set playbooks, no cookie-cutter sites.

Marketing that works for one SaaS or healthcare company won’t work the same for another. So, we meet every project — and every client — where they are, with collaboration, curiosity, and a combination of solutions right for your needs and goals and the industry you operate in. 

Build a Strong Foundation


  • Content audit and content strategy
  • Brand strategy and messaging
  • Website strategy and web design
  • Ads audit and ads strategy

Start with story and a pointed look at your site’s existing content and audience’s needs, and we’ll create a strategic foundation upon which to build a unique, differentiated look, voice and message.

Attract the Right Audience


  • Content: Blogs, Videos, Imagery
  • SEO
  • Social Content Creation
  • Digital Ads

Saying the right things to the right people at the right time is the core of digital marketing that creates results. Using audience and keyword research, we pull the right audiences to your website and ensure they connect what they need with what you’re offering.

Convert Visitors into Leads


  • Full-funnel content and conversion path creation
  • Digital ads
  • Lead nurturing emails

Websites should never be dead-ends. If someone visits, we’ll reward them with answers to their questions, content that connects, offers, incentives and other reasons to keep your business top of mind.

Close Leads and Create Sales


  • Lead scoring
  • Sales training & enablement
  • Reporting

Our job doesn’t stop when eyeballs hit your web pages (and every lead isn’t a good lead). We work beyond audience acquisition to vetting buyer potential and equipping your sales team with the insight they need to close the deal.

Plans & Pricing

Starting at


Ditch the hourly rate for something smarter. Spot On uses a transparent fixed-point pricing model that puts a points value on specific deliverables.

No more wondering why work took so long; with us, you’ll buy blocks of points monthly, and after your game plan is defined, spend them on content creation, ad management, consulting, strategy, lead scoring and nurturing, sales support and more, and always know just what you’ll get in return.

See Pricing for All Services

See how points pricing works:



Frequently Asked Questions

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Process & Results

  • When can I expect digital marketing results?
    It’s not instantaneous; it’s a long-term investment. Inbound marketing (or content marketing) can take six months to a year before results are realized. If you need results faster, we may recommend pay-per-click or social ads to jump-start your marketing while you wait for inbound content to generate leads. Once that gets going, you can reduce your ad spend.

  • Can we skip strategy, branding messaging and get straight to generating leads?
    No. Foundational work must be done in order to generate leads. A well-defined brand strategy, story and message examines the needs and wants of your audience and gives voice to your brand, addressing your buyers’ pain points and clearly depicting what your software can do to make their lives easier and better. The result: they see you as the answer to their problems, and buy from you. Without strategy, we’re shooting in the dark...and so are you.

Content & Ranking

  • Can we generate leads without writing blogs?
    Yes, but only if you’re willing to pay for leads through paid ads. A proper content strategy generates blogs written on topics your audience is searching for, leveraging search terms they use naturally. This will increase your organic traffic over time, allowing people who don’t know who you are to find you in search. While we do believe that digital ads are a component of a successful marketing strategy, they can’t be the only mechanism for generating leads: With PPC, the minute you stop spending money, the leads stop too.
  • How much content do I need?
    The more targeted content the better. Your content needs to answer every question your customers have about your software or service. More specifically, you need content that is directed at each distinct buyer or persona that you target for your software. The goal is to create content for each stage of your buyer’s journey as well as answer questions that will move your buyers from one buyer stage to the next. So, the answer is, calculated, strategic volume is your friend.
  • How many blogs should I write?
    The frequency of blog posts depends on what's best for your company and how quickly you want to see results. Smaller businesses might be successful posting one to four times a week, while larger companies get results publishing daily, or sometimes more than once a day. One strategy is to start aggressively, publishing as often as four to five times per week, then once a solid base is established, back off to two or three times per week.
  • How long should a blog post be?
    According to HubSpot, the ideal length of a blog post for SEO is 2100 – 2400 words. That’s long, but keep in mind that not all blog posts need to be novels. As long as your prospects’ questions are being answered some blogs can be under 1,500 words. Regardless of word count however, it’s always important to include SEO best practices such as targeting the right keywords, cross-linking to other articles, and ensuring metadata and alt-text are present and working to your advantage.
  • What does Authority Score (or Authority Score) mean and why is it important?
    Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100 and are an indicator of how trusted a site is. Higher numbers mean that a site will have an easier time ranking higher on a search engine results page (SERP) than another site with a lower authority score when targeting the same keywords. It is also a sign of the credibility of your website.

Cost & Points

  • How much will it cost?
    The cost of marketing depends on a couple of things: 1. The speed at which you want to reach your goals, and 2. How much you’ll rely on the Spot On team to do versus how much you’ll do in-house. We work as both an extension of our clients’ marketing teams and as their marketing departments. The first costs less; the second, understandably more.

  • How does point pricing work?
    All of our services are assigned a point value, and at the beginning of a project, we’ll discuss with you your goals and timeline for achieving them. Based on that information, we’ll suggest the number of monthly points needed to make it happen. Point pricing is great because it’s completely transparent. At any time, you can see what we’re working on, how many points have been used, what projects are complete, and what is still ongoing.
  • Is a point equal to an hour?
    No. Points are assigned to the work we do based on the amount of expertise required and the results that will be achieved.
  • How can we compete with the “big guys” when our budget is so much smaller?
    We’re smart and start with the basics. By developing a strategy for your product first, we can use our many years of experience in the SaaS and healthcare spaces to optimize your results for the budget you have available to reach your goals. Check out how we did just this for one of our clients.


  • How much is going to be required of me?
    Digital marketing is a partnership. For you to be successful, there must be a point person within your organization that we have access to. We also hold weekly marketing meetings with each client. For those, the point person is required to attend but other team members are welcome.
  • Do I have to use HubSpot for marketing automation?
    Yes. We require all clients to subscribe to HubSpot because we believe it is the best marketing platform available. Our team members are HubSpot experts, and we feel we best serve our clients by being super-skilled in one platform rather than attempting to work in several.

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