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Retainer Pricing

Pricing That’s Always Right

Spot On’s fixed-point pricing model makes it easy to flex and grow with your business’s changing needs.

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What is fixed point pricing?

Fixed Point Pricing

/fikst/ /point/ /prīsing/

A pricing model where digital marketing activities have been assigned a point value that correlates with a dollar amount.

The retainer amount you select determines your point price and number of points per month. The higher the retainer, the lower your point price — allowing you to accelerate your marketing efforts.

Sample activities based on a $7,000 monthly retainer:

  • Content Strategy ........ 25 points ....... $5,000

  • Competitor Audit ........ 10 points ........ $2,000

  • Pillar Page Outline ...... 3 points ......... $600 

How it Works

A Step-by-Step, Personalized Plan 

Check out the explainer video

Work together to determine goals.

You lead the discussion, and we strategize to help you align activities with goals. 

Shore up your foundation.

Foundational work is the bread and butter of your marketing strategy. We can help you identify gaps in that foundation to determine if you just need a tune-up or to start from scratch. (In most cases, it’s a mix of both.)


Pivot your points strategically.

Let our strategic recommendations based on jointly established goals guide you to the next steps, including campaign-driven activities, like email offers, ads, or webinars.    


Get the best bang for your buck.

We’ll revisit the plan and help you adjust your points pricing regularly to stay on top of areas with the most need – and biggest potential.   


Why fixed-point pricing?

It’s predictable

It’s predictable

You’ll keep your budget in check no matter how long a project takes.   

It’s flexible

It’s flexible

Pivot your points monthly to align with a new plan or campaign. 

And it’s a smarter way to work

And it’s a smarter way to work

Get more of what you need and none of what you don’t

Pricing Tiers

Attain Your Level Best

View our sample pricing packages below. More options are available depending on your specific needs. Chat with us to learn which option is best for you.
Point Suggestion Option 1​
1 Point Value
Monthly Points
​Monthly Investment
Point Suggestion Option 2
1 Point Value
Monthly Points
​Monthly Investment
Point Suggestion Option 3
1 Point Value
Monthly Points
​Monthly Investment

Take the first step toward digital marketing success.

Whatever your starting place, we’re ready to dig in, learn, research, design and strategize how to help you break out, level up or grow stronger.