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Multifaceted and Targeted Marketing Plan Markedly Increases Recurring Revenue Sales of Behavioral Health EHR

Core Solutions achieves successful launch of new solution, establishes foundation to drive long-term growth.

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A Company Preparing to Launch a ‘Breakthrough’ Product

When Jon Trigg joined Core Solutions as its senior vice president of sales and marketing in early 2022, the company was at an inflection point. “We were getting ready to launch a breakthrough product — what we viewed as a new-generation solution,” he recalls.

This product was Cx360, a behavioral health electronic health record (EHR) platform. It had been under development for some time, with Core — already a well-established software provider in the behavioral health space — investing heavily in Cx360’s development largely in response to the growing demand for behavioral health services that came with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Core’s leadership recognized that to effectively bring Cx360 to market, it would need a robust marketing strategy, one that would build awareness of Cx360 and its capabilities as well as strengthen the company’s position in a crowded EHR market.



Finding the Right Partner and Getting To Work

This recognition led to Core hiring a director of marketing and seeking external marketing assistance — more specifically, a company with healthcare expertise and a track record of success helping companies grow their business and bottom line. That company was Spot On, which began supporting Core around the same time Trigg joined the company.

We could tell they would bring with them a host of different resources and skills. Engaging with Spot On instantly strengthened our ability to do all the work we needed to in promoting Cx360.

Jon Trigg, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Jon Trigg

Core and Spot On quickly got to work, performing a top-to-bottom assessment of all of Core’s market-facing content, including its website, conference exhibitor booth, collateral, and social media. This assessment examined everything from design to messaging, identifying areas for improvement, potential quick wins, and short- and long-term opportunities.

Core Website

Working closely with the Core team, Spot On developed a strategy to give the company a visual facelift, update existing materials, and begin producing new content that would help drive traffic and sales leads. This collaboration and decision-making were accelerated thanks to Spot On’s experience supporting other companies that operated in the behavioral health space.

Trigg continues, “I’ve dealt with a lot of agencies in my career, including some of those on New York’s Madison Avenue. I can tell you from experience that what Spot On brought to the table was uncommon.”



The Partnership Begins to Pay Off

Within just a few months, Core began experiencing measurable improvements in key marketing and sales metrics. Website traffic, contacts, and leads were rising, fueled by a combination of:

  • Refined messaging that explained the value of Cx360 and showcased Core’s behavioral health expertise
  • Deliberate targeting of search engine optimization (SEO) keywords when updating and developing new content
  • A Google ads strategy that introduced the platform to new audiences
  • A redesigned exhibitor booth that helped attract conference attendees and gave the Core team an improved opportunity to tell the Cx360 story

Healthcare Tradeshow Banners

Ongoing meetings between the Core and Spot On teams kept everyone aligned, helping ensure timely completion of projects. “These meetings also served as valuable brainstorming sessions,” Trigg says.

We come up with these ideas during the meetings that end up being highly impactful on the business. Spot On has gifted, creative team members who are great at strategizing with the companies they serve.

Jon Trigg, SVP, Sales & Marketing

As awareness of Cx360 grew, new marketing opportunities came along that required short turnaround times. “When we have the need for a hurry-up offense, Spot On delivers and shows they truly are our partner,” Trigg says.

Some marketing agencies want to only work at their pace, so involving them when something time-sensitive comes up isn’t even an option. With Spot On, we’re linked at the hip. We can involve them wherever and whenever we think they would add value, and they work with us to complete what we need to do. We succeed together.

Jon Trigg, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Core also aggressively targeted new markets within the behavioral health space, looking to deliver the benefits of the Cx360 platform to more organizations. To effectively attract and engage with these markets, Core has relied heavily on the development of new written content. Trigg says this is another critical area where Spot On differentiates itself. 

For my whole career, finding good writers has been very difficult. You work in marketing long enough and you know good and bad writing when you see it. Spot On has really good writers — they probably lead the pack. Without good writing, it’s easy to waste a lot of time editing, and that slows everything down. Not with Spot On. They just get it done and done well. That is a significant part of their value.

Jon Trigg, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Trigg says Core is expecting to have another big growth year in 2024. “That couldn’t happen without certain partners, and Spot On is one of those,” he says.

I thank everyone at Spot On for what they do.

Jon Trigg, SVP, Sales & Marketing

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