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An Airtight Marketing Plan And Strategic Pivot Propels A Healthcare Software Company Up In The Ranks

Prevounce rises to the first page for organic searches and realizes over 1,600% increase in deals.

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A Great Team Preparing to Scale Up

When Daniel Tashnek cofounded Prevounce Health, he understood the challenges and opportunities in preventive medicine, largely in part to his work as a healthcare attorney and familiarity with Medicare compliance. With the help of top tech engineers, Tashnek built a healthcare software company poised to meet those needs in 2016.

In the beginning, leads for Prevounce came from a sales rep model, though Tashnek recognized the need to shift to a direct sales approach. After perfecting its clinical wellness platform to support the delivery of Medicare-eligible services, Prevounce was ready to scale up and reach the practitioners interested in offering preventive care. But how was the company going to connect with this targeted audience? It became clear that Prevounce required a marketing strategy and new website that would clearly communicate the company's message and capture leads that would be converted into customers.



Develop a Sensible and Effective Strategy to Increase Organic Traffic

Though Prevounce had a depth of expertise and a product that streamlined preventive services, the company had significant marketing challenges. Prevounce was a relatively young startup in a market teeming with competitors. To get a leg up, the company needed a healthcare digital marketing agency, and one specifically with expertise in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). That company was the Spot On Agency.

We hired Spot On just as we were starting to pivot to a direct-to-market sales model in a crowded field. Our software was much more comprehensive and feature-rich than the competition, but we were still worried that we would get drowned out by established products.

Daniel Tashnek, Co-founder

Daniel Tashnek

Reaching new customers through organic search was crucial and time sensitive. But there were significant obstacles: At the start of 2019, Prevounce's organic website traffic was almost nonexistent and search for most of its critical keywords barely landed the company in the top 100 of Google rankings. With almost zero visibility and a website in dire need of optimization, it was difficult to stand out in the crowd, much less convert leads.



Where the Rubber Meets the Road

What speaks the loudest concerning the impressive results highlighted thus far is how they translated into customer action. These metrics, measured from Jan. 1, 2020, to Sept. 30, 2020, demonstrate the impact:



increase in number of deals closed



increase in meetings



increase in demo requests

These numbers testify to the power of partnering with a healthcare digital marketing agency and taking the long view to building authority that creates lasting benefits in the marketplace.

As Spot On has helped us become more prominent in our niche, we have seen significantly more organic customer leads coming into our website.

Daniel Tashnek, Co-founder

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It's the culmination of these efforts, combined with a responsive eye toward changes, that keeps the marketing strategy remaining fresh and performing beyond expectations. “Spot On continues to hone our business plan as we grow as a company,” Tashnek says.

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