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Cureatr Case Study
Case Study

Cureatr Seeks an Experienced Marketing Strategy Partner with Healthcare IT Experience




New York, NY


Healthcare Tech

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Marketing Strategy, Website Design


Cureatr Needed a Marketing Plan and New Website to Convert More Customers

As an early-stage startup with a new focus on medication management, Cureatr was facing many challenges.

When Resnick and Benhke joined the team, Cureatr’s website had not been updated and no content had been added in a few years. Historically, the primary source for new leads was referrals from existing clients. The sales team was also working to grow existing accounts as health systems expanded. However, as current clients were solidified, it became clear that they needed a way to bring in new leads and create a system for nurturing those leads into new business.

This realization and the launch of Meds 360° necessitated a greater focus on marketing efforts. Cureatr needed a marketing plan and a new website that would clearly communicate its message as well as capture leads to convert them into customers.

Prior to Behnke joining the Cureatr team, there had not been a dedicated marketing role, so he was starting at square one. Understanding the challenge and many parts that had to be put into place, Behnke knew he would need a partner to help execute and implement a successful marketing strategy and website.


Partnering with Spot On

Knowing stakes were high, Behnke was asked to research and pick an agency. Cureatr was using the HubSpot platform for marketing and sales, so a HubSpot agency partner was essential. A huge plus would be a partner that had niche healthcare IT experience and compatible work philosophies. Due to his past relationship with Spot On in his previous role at another healthcare tech company, he knew Spot On fit the bill.

I never felt like our company wasn’t a priority when I worked with Spot On in the past. And now at Cureatr, I was a marketing team of one until October 2018. So, from the beginning I knew I wanted to work with an agency that felt like an extension of the company and worked more as a partner than simply as a vendor. I needed a team I knew would be attentive, available, and dependable; and above all else, a team that I could count on to move quickly and deliver results.”

Jake Behnke, Director of Marketing
Cureatr Website

Digital Marketing Strategy & Website Design

Digital Marketing Strategy

Once the decision was made to work with Spot On, the wheels were quickly set in motion for Spot On to put together a solution that included several phases for Cureatr’s overall marketing strategy. The agency’s team began with persona interviews, key team member interviews, keyword research, and competitive analysis.

Persona research and development was vital, particularly for the new medication management solution. Generally targeting risk-bearing healthcare systems, Cureatr’s target audience includes chief medical information officers, chief medical officers, chief nursing officers, IT, security, and the clinicians who are typically using Cureatr’s technology.

Spot On used this target audience as the foundation for Cureatr’s strategy. This ensured that messaging, brand platforms, website copy, planned content, and other assets kept this audience and their pain points in mind and that the content strategy was mapped to the persona buying cycle.

Website Design

One major step in the partnership was a complete website redesign. The goal was to have the new site launched within three months. Spot On created a detailed timeline and set up tasks for all responsible parties in Spot On’s project management system. This ensured a seamless process that enabled all deadlines to be met on time.

Cureatr requested an illustrated look for the design of the site and worked with Spot On to develop a 25-page web style guide. The guide covers the dos and don’ts of font selection, color pairings, user interface elements, iconography, and more to promote consistency across all digital collateral.

Cureatr Style Guide

Behind the scenes, Spot On developed a URL mapping plan for the new site and drafted page titles and meta descriptions according to best practices for search engine optimization (SEO).

Finalized designs were modified for mobile before development began to guarantee an optimal user experience at any screen size. Before launch, the agency ran extensive quality and assurance tests and crosschecked the site on all major browsers and platforms.

Post Launch

Once the new website was live, Spot On and Cureatr worked closely to keep up with a busy content schedule to develop thought leadership for the company. This meant putting together a content calendar while also preparing and publishing several blog posts per week. In addition, several content offers were put together quickly, including eBooks and infographics.


Inbound Marketing Results

Since Cureatr wasn’t focused on active marketing prior to partnering with Spot On, there were some immediate results from the marketing strategy put into place. For example, landing pages now work properly and send notifications to a Cureatr team member to inform them that a contact downloaded a piece of content. Prospects are also able to book appointments directly with the sales team or live chat with a team member if they have questions.

In addition to achieving significant short-term improvements, Spot On’s comprehensive, long-term strategy also delivered tangible results. Initially, Cureatr worked with Spot On to work toward driving the right traffic to the website by building thought leadership through relevant content that spoke to the pain points of their audience. Several years later, the effort is paying off and the results speak for themselves.

Some of the key results include:

  • 1,312% increase in keywords ranked from 2018 to 2021
  • 140% annual increase in keywords ranked over 3-year period
  • 635% increase in Organic Traffic from Feb 2018 to Feb 2021
  • 171% annual increase in Organic Traffic from 2018 to 2021
  • 7,837% annual increase in blog traffic, from 138 views to 32,584 views in 3 years

People who don’t work in marketing often expect that you can bring in a marketing manager and agency and immediately see overnight results, which is never the case. Spot On did a great job of executing on strategy, and we’re now seeing those results: the increased traffic, conversion rates, and sales qualified leads.

Jake Behnke, Director of Marketing

Regarding their ongoing partnership, Behnke says that Spot On, “offers improvements, not maintenance. Their team improves the site and campaigns, brings new business in, and achieves goals by thinking of new ways to improve our marketing funnel.”


Keyword Ranking

Keyword Rankings Notes:

If they bought this much traffic, SEMRush estimates it would cost > $30K/month. 

Keyword Ranking Graph


4,942 keywords ranked, 218 Top 3 keywords, 645 Top 10 keywords


3,501 keywords ranked, 126 Top 3 keywords, 403 Top 10 keywords


960 keywords ranked, 25 Top 3 keywords, 63 Top 10 keywords


350 keywords ranked, 7 Top 3 keywords, 20 Top 10 keywords


Organic Traffic:

Organic Traffic Graph
Feb 2020–Jan2021


Overall traffic decreased 16%, Feb 2020 to Feb 2021

Traffic to blog increased from 16,257 views to 32, 584 views

11% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads

Feb 2019–Jan2020


Overall traffic increased 156%, Feb 2019 to Feb 2020

Traffic to blog increased from 1,948 views to 16,257 views

61% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads

Feb 2018–Jan2019


Overall traffic increased 45%, Feb 2018 to Feb 2019

Traffic to blog increased from 138 views to 1,948 views

563% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads


Feb 2018-Feb 2021:

Overall Traffic:

10,371 increased to 45,371 (Feb 2018 - Feb 2021)

Overall Traffic Graph
Organic Traffic:

2,614 increased to 31,296 (Feb 2018 - Feb 2021)

Organic Traffic Graph
Blog Traffic:

138 increased to 32,584 (Feb 2018 - Feb 2021)

Blog Traffic Graph

Final Thoughts

For anyone considering a partnership with Spot On, Behnke says:

I’ve worked with a lot of third parties and some have been great, others not so great. The best ones proactively managed our relationship and were in constant communication with me, all of which has been true with Spot On. I know I can always reach someone through text, Slack, or a phone call. Above all else, you need an agency that can adapt with you. For example, with website tweaks, a bigger agency might not be as equipped to handle or might not be able to put changes into place right away. Ultimately, it’s important to find an agency that’s dependable and good to work with, which Spot On is.” 

Jake Behnke, Director of Marketing

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