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Lead Generating LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns

Spot On can generate additional leads for your company by implementing a strategic LinkedIn Marketing Campaign to run either as stand-alone service or in conjunction with your Inbound Marketing campaign.


Could your company use a reliable, consistent stream of leads/appointments month after month?

We can help you achieve your sales goals by partnering with our LinkedIn expert who is Certified by LinkedSelling. Spot On’s LinkedIn marketing and management solution runs your entire marketing campaign for you. For companies that either don’t have the time, resources, or the internal expertise, working with us is the perfect solution.

We use a 5-Step Process that helps you quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry.

We’ll directly connect you with an unlimited supply of prospects and work them through processes that will generate a consistent source of qualified sales leads – who have raised their hand to speak with you. Our goal is to get you on the phone with your IDEAL prospect.

Is LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Right for Me?

Here’s how you can tell:

  • You understand that your prospects are on LinkedIn.

  • You know that LinkedIn offers an incredible opportunity to get in front of your most important, high value prospects.

  • You realize that you don’t have the band-width to do this in-house – it just isn’t feasible.
  • You understand that LinkedIn offers an unparalleled platform to establish your expertise and authority as a thought leader in your industry, and that by leveraging this can generate consistent leads.

  • You know that implementing a successful campaign requires a systematic and persistent marketing approach.
  • You don’t want to pass up on the fantastic opportunities available through LinkedIn to dramatically increase new leads and revenue.

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What are the benefits of a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign?


Keep your brand and message in front of thousands of prospects.


Place your marketing messages in your prospects’ inbox on a regular basis.


Establish yourself and your organization as THE authority and expert in your field.


Gain a predictable system for generating leads, leads that you are currently missing out on.


Access a massive database that you’ll be able to leverage for years to come.


Increase sales.


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