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Strategy Essentials

Build your own strategy packages.

Have a strong marketing foundation but wondering what to do with your healthcare tech website? Or maybe you’ve got a clear idea of SEO but are looking for the strategic foundation on which to build your story? With our variable strategic packages, you can work with Spot On to update just the parts of your brand and marketing stack that need attention or try us out in one area to decide if we’re a good fit. We’re ready to meet you wherever you are.

build your own strategy packages

Brand, Messaging, SEO, or Web Strategy:
Get just what you need.

Focus your efforts and choose from Spot On’s strategic menu to get our help on one or more critical parts of a brand or digital experience refresh. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full brand-to-build project, are short on time, or just want to see what working with our team is like in a smaller engagement, it’s a great way to get the results you’re most interested in quickly.  



Starting at $7,000

Define the story, position, and personality of your company. Branding is more than just a logo, colors, and typefaces. It’s a foundational expression of what your company or product is and stands for. It starts with a differentiated truth only you can own and informs decisions about messaging, marketing, design, and experience.

  • Discover your company’s most compelling story via a series of 1:1 or small-group interviews
  • Includes competitive analysis, audience definition, positioning, and brand storytelling
  • Serves as a foundation for messaging, design, and web strategy 

Value Proposition & Messaging

Starting at $3,000

Get clear about what sets your brand apart, and make sure the right people hear you, loud and clear. Your brand’s value proposition is a concise explanation of how you uniquely fulfill an audience’s needs. Messaging combines a brand’s identity with the benefits conveyed in your value proposition to speak directly to potential audiences. Together, they make sure you’re saying the right things to the right people in the right ways. 

  • Includes value proposition examples for several different core audiences
  • Messaging includes short and long-form high-level messaging paragraphs plus individual headlines and targeted copy per core audience
  • Branding is who you are. Messaging is what you say. A value proposition is why the person you’re talking to should believe what you’re telling them. 
Value Proposition & Messaging
website strategy

Website Strategy

Starting at $9,000

Plan, then build. We don’t advise building a website without first thinking through the problems your visitors are looking to solve, the ways they like to consume information, and the keywords that might draw them to you. Web strategy allows our team to ask the right questions and discover the true needs of your customers (and your business) to help us create a thoughtful foundation for your website.  

  • Begins with an in-depth questionnaire to uncover audience and business needs
  • Includes mood boards and a site map: a 10,000-foot view of the form and contents of your web experience
  • Insight-rich, with deliverables like a visitor value map, user flows, page strategy, and keyword research to ensure solid SEO performance 

Website Audit

Starting at $3,000

Take a look under the hood of your current website and get recommendations on how to improve performance, user experience, conversions, and more. We’ll look into the effectiveness and performance of every element, from the way users find you to the layout of your page’s components, and the effectiveness of copy to how accessible your site is to users of differing abilities. 

  • A check-up and tune-up for your website where we can identify all kinds of issues and propose both quick-win and longer timeline solutions
  • Uncovers opportunities as well as issues to correct
  • Includes a look at SEO, accessibility practices, UX, content, and conversion 
Website Audit
Content Audit and Strategy

Content Audit & Strategy

Starting at $5,000

Improve your content, page rankings, and, importantly, your users’ experience. By combining audience research, data-driven content performance insight, we help companies identify gaps in messaging, take advantage of SEO content opportunities, and drive more traffic to their sites.

  • Includes diagnostic discovery, including traffic analysis, time on page, bounce rate, SEO effectiveness, and more
  • Offers insight into audience likes and dislikes and illuminates chances for content repurposing
  • Ensures a reader-friendly experience today and plans for content maintenance over time 

SEO Audit

Starting at $4,500

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your site. An SEO audit pops open the hood of your digital experience and helps you both troubleshoot and determine opportunities for maximizing SEO performance so you can pull more of the right people to you and generate more qualified leads from them. 

  • Includes a review of each page of your website and optimization of them to improve your site’s search engine rankings and earn relevant organic traffic
  • Get technical SEO and indexing recommendations designed to help search engines crawl and index your site properly  
  • Review the quality and relevance of inbound links and create a plan for removing toxic or spammy connections
  • Track important KPIs with a thorough review and expert setup of your Google Analytics and Search Console  
SEO audit

Let’s see if your sales teams can keep up.

Whatever your starting place, we’re ready to dig in, learn, research, design and strategize how to help you break out, level up or grow stronger.