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Website Design

Website Design

Get a Website that Keeps on Giving. Make your most
valuable marketing asset work harder for your business.
How Strong is Your Website? Find Out Now!

Today’s Consumers are Smarter.
Your Website Should Be Too.

The best websites are less like digital brochures and more like discussions.

It makes sense: Your website is the MVP of owned marketing channels, a powerful medium for communicating with, not simply “at” the people who already love your business or product – or should.

We help companies start the conversation.

From design that tells your story, to interactions that make it easy for users to get what they need, to website strategy that puts all the pieces together for growth and continued success, The Spot On Agency creates more than just flat, digital page-turners, building experiences that empower marketing and sales, boost visitor conversion, and keep audiences coming back for more.

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Website Strategy

Built with Purpose

Behind every good website is a set of business goals. To help you meet them, we start with strategy instead of jumping to design. That means understanding your goals and the needs, preferences and wants of the people who will visit your site, then creating an experience that’s easy for them to use – and love.

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Website Strategy

Beyond Beautiful Images

Your website is more than just a pretty face. It’s your business’s story told strategically, engagingly, screen-to-screen. We help you put the pieces of your narrative together with an eye on both your brand and the details that can make (or break) a user’s experience.

See How a Website Strategy Helped Alden Systems
HubSpot and Wordpress Website Development

Finish Strong

Making your site come to life true-to-design, working seamlessly, and looking great on every size screen are our most important goals. We work with a trusted group of expert developers, create sites on a variety of platforms including WordPress and HubSpot, and work pixel-perfect, assuring what you see throughout the process is what you get when you visit your new URL for the first time.

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Traditional Website Design

Traditional Website Design

A deep-dive, longer-term solution for companies with the time to dedicate to a project up-front and the desire for a site that stays relatively static over time. A traditional web design project takes 3 - 6 months to complete and includes time for our team to dig into your goals for your website, study your personas’ behaviors and get to know your users, create a structure and aesthetic designed to convert everyday people into your customers. This method is turnkey. After site launch, we train your team to do updates, make edits, and perform maintenance moving forward.
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Growth-Driven Design

Growth-Driven Design

Great for companies who adhere to an agile, or “build, test, iterate” mindset. When we build growth-driven websites, we start strategically with the basics – the most relevant pages, sections and features needed based on your goals and what your audience will get excited about. Then we launch within 60-90 days, and immediately begin collecting data from users about how your site is performing so we can tweak, iterate, and continually improve it over a series of month-long “sprints.” This makes your website a living, hardworking, data-driven entity that learns and meets your audiences wherever they may be on their journey.
Growth Driven Design Chart

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