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The birth of an inbound marketing Agency

Once upon a time people went to metal boxes that were planted close to their street and pulled out paper stuff that was delivered to them once a day. Some of it they would read, most of it they would file in the trash. These paper things were sent out to anyone and everyone whether they wanted them or not. It was called “direct mail”. The only thing really “direct” about it was that it came directly to them – it wasn’t really directly related to anyone in its messaging (except, of course, sales goals).

Websites came along in the same fashion. Pretty pictures and salesy messaging… a marketing brochure online.

We know. We did the same with our business AND provided these services to our clients: brochures, direct mail, print ads, and websites. No results. There had to be a better way than this shotgun approach.

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A better way

We found HubSpot - the All-in-One Inbound Marketing Automation software AND the better way of inbound marketing methodology for turning websites into long term, customer-generating machines. It was a complete mind shift for us. We learned to create content that results in qualified lead generation, new customers and improved customer retention. Marketing content that people actually want and love!

These days, we're sharing what we know. Our success is directly tied to our clients' in using this approach. Because they are achieving their marketing goals, we are a Platinum Tier, Certified Agency Partner with HubSpot.

To be continued…

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