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5 Tips to Rev up Revenue at Your Organization

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on February 16, 2017
5 Tips to Rev up Revenue at Your Organization
5 Tips to Rev up Revenue at Your Organization

5 Tips to Rev up Revenue at Your Organization

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on February 16, 2017

Feeling a bit dismayed about lagging sales stats? Don't let discouragement get the best of you.

Most likely, the right information isn't getting into the hands of your most qualified leads when they're most likely to spring into action.

Qualified Lead Generation Begets Revved Up Revenue

If qualified leads knew where to find you - and like what they read - sales figures will be on the up-and-up again. Online competition is stiff so the pressure is on to market products in a way that brings the best leads directly to your homepage or the most recent, relevant offer.

Here 5 tips to rev up the engines.

1. Design a responsive, growth-driven website

Web design is at the top of every "marketing tips" list but that's because it matters so much. There's no point in sending out awesome emails, attending trade shows or paying for ads if prospects are redirected to an unappealing, confusing and/or outdated website.

Appearances matter. If you're finally ready to redesign your outdated website, make sure you work with a company who builds responsive and growth-driven websites. In addition to being mobile-ready and easy on the eyes, these sites assist you with aesthetic and content evolution in alignment with user preferences.

2. Get smarter about qualified lead generation

Wouldn't it be nice to create qualified lead database, searchable via a range of highly-specific details or niche information? With contemporary CRM software, you can do just that.

High-quality CRM systems use your data input to search the web and turn up a more intelligent list of clients and companies that match your queries. The result is a populated database you can search at leisure. When you identify the right matches, all those cold calls will feel a whole lot warmer.

3. Get contextual before engaging

Today's consumers are ultra-savvy because they have the power of Google and the worldwide web at their fingertips. This is evidenced by the feeling that so-called "prospects" know almost as much as you do about products/services - before you've ever reached out to them.

With that in mind, it'll be a turnoff if you start discussing pricing with someone who already downloaded and memorized the price sheets. Perhaps they're more concerned about product longevity or in-depth solution that aren't addressed via online content. It's embarrassing - and a waste of time - to jump into a conversation about concerns a prospect doesn't even have.

Smarter CRM software tracks where prospects have been hanging out on your site, which offers they've taken advantage of and/or which materials they've downloaded. Those contextual references make you a more informed and seemingly intuitive marketer, which strengthens prospects' impressions of your brand.

4. Spend your time nurturing prospects in a more profitable way

Being profitable requires selling more product, and that process requires time-consuming activities such as data entry, searching for new good fit prospects (see above) and other tedious chores that aren't directly involved in personalized qualified lead generation.

Take advantage of marketing automation that syncs with CRM. Digital technology takes up the slack with some of the more tedious, time-consuming chores, leaving you free to nurture and engage next-generation clients.

5. Don't recreate content that's worked in the past

How many times have you found yourself hunting for content - or recreating content that was successful in the past? Don't recreate the wheel if you don't have to. Instead, work with a system that archives successful sales content so you can quickly retrieve it, refresh it if necessary, and let it work for you all over again.

Is the sales engine running more efficiently now? Put it in drive and watch profits rev up accordingly.

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Rebecca Graves
Published by Rebecca Graves

Rebecca Graves co-founded Spot On in 2012. As a partner and leader of client services, she takes immense pride in being in charge of “client happiness.” The role allows her to wield her problem-solving skills while fostering big-picture perspectives and team building. Rebecca’s more than 35 years of experience have equipped her to translate strategic planning expertise for the advancement of tech companies transforming the healthcare, financial, and legal industries.

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