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Smart Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Professionals

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on March 14, 2016
Smart Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Professionals
Smart Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Professionals

Smart Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Professionals

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on March 14, 2016

The pressure is on for SaaS professionals when it comes to software marketing. If you're in the business of hip, successful, and high-tech software services and solutions, your customers expect you to be on it when it comes to hip, successful, and high-tech marketing strategies.

You see, in their minds, you are techy – and contemporary content marketing is techy – ergo you should be a marketing guru.

Smart Lead Generation Makes Software Marketing Simple

You're aware, however, that this assumption is not necessarily true. The same ingenious brain that produces awesome, innovative software solutions is not always the same brain that moves through the world following inbound marketing methodology. What these two brains do have in common is a passion for smart software and technology.

Dedicate your love of software to the software lovin' lead generation game and you'll have a win-win-situation. You can do this by remembering:

Lead Generation Should Never Say Die

There are a few content marketing terms that have been used so incessantly that they've started to lose their punch. SEO comes to mind, as does the phrase lead generation. If your business has plateaued and you feel like perpetual lead generation is a thing of the past, you're wrong. Continuous, increased lead generation is a reality for those who stick with the program, dig into current marketing trends, and go the extra mile to keep their content fresh, passionate, and engaging.

Create enticing offers, write those eBooks and white papers, and let your company's mission and message shine through in everything you create. The minute you give up on the idea of lead generation is the minute your stream of leads will begin drying up.

Websites Need to be Upgraded

Does the phrase "website redesign" traumatize you? Don't let it. Website redesigns of yore were, indeed, a nightmare. A new site launch was cost-labor intensive and almost always ran over budget – all dreaded things for a small- to medium-sized business owner. The new era of website design has changed all that. Savvy web designers know that websites have to be liquid – immediately adaptable to what the content management team learns about the users' experiences.

With an intuitive website design, new visitors have a positive impression from the get-go, encouraging them to take a longer journey through the site. Within seconds of clicking through to offers and downloads, users should be greeted with awesome graphics that identify your brand and impeccable content that gives them an authentic glimpse of who you are.

Customers and Visitors are Teachers

Get the sales and marketing team together (now there's a revolutionary concept) and make sure the detailed target personas used by the marketing team are truly in sync with the the sales and customer service teams' experiences with the real customers those personas are meant to reflect.

On the flip side, website visitors (aka "prospects") leave a measurable trail of evidence behind them. They're scattering clues here, there, and everywhere about what captivated them and what didn't; what made them bounce and what made them stay to play awhile. Those clicks, bounces, downloads, and online actions are quantifiable data that must be used to your advantage. Analyze the heck out of it. Then take what you learn to the drawing board and tweak your website design and/or content accordingly. This way, your website remains alive and energized.

The software marketing experience should be as exciting and relevant to current customers and website visitors as the implementation of your services or products will be for their lives. That level of online engagement will propel your SaaS lead generation ahead of the competition.

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Susie Kelley
Published by Susie Kelley

Spot On co-founder and partner Susie Kelley is dedicated to leveraging technology to advance innovative solutions in highly regulated industries. Driven by the opportunity to elevate brands, she co-founded Spot On in 2012 after having spent 15 years honing her marketing skills in an agency. Susie leads business development with a personal touch, focusing on building lasting relationships with clients to meet — and exceed — their goals for business growth.

To learn more about Susie, visit our Company Page.

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