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Triumph in Tech: Welcoming Three Cutting-Edge Healthcare Marketing Clients

By Spot On Agency Team on November 16, 2023
Triumph in Tech: Welcoming Three Cutting-Edge Healthcare Marketing Clients
Triumph in Tech: Welcoming Three Cutting-Edge Healthcare Marketing Clients

Triumph in Tech: Welcoming Three Cutting-Edge Healthcare Marketing Clients

By Spot On Agency Team on November 16, 2023

AI-driven diagnostics. Novel telehealth platforms. Streamlined access to patient insights. Over the past decade, health tech development has accelerated at an unprecedented pace.

That’s why the Spot On team is thrilled to announce healthcare marketing partnerships with three outstanding digital health innovators. From empowering care teams with real-time patient experience insights to streamlining remote patient monitoring (RPM) across healthcare to promoting health equity, here’s what makes these health tech pioneers exceptional.


1. FeedtrailRe-imagining Healthcare Experience Management

Patient surveys have certainly been around for a while. Whether seeking to drive better decision-making or meet increasingly robust standards of care, healthcare organizations across the country have relied on patient feedback to implement improvements for decades. 

But as patients’ expectations of care have evolved amid ongoing digital transformation, most methods for collecting this information have become outdated and slow — leaving patients with more friction-filled experiences and care teams without a chance to quickly resolve experience issues when they happen. 

That’s where Feedtrail changes the game. Its advanced healthcare experience management technology sends short, engaging, and personalized surveys with customized questions to patients digitally — visualizing this data in a highly accessible way for care teams to analyze. At Spot On, we’re excited to help amplify how Feedtrail’s customers are fostering superior engagement levels and establishing new standards for a best-in-class patient experience.


2. CareSimple – Simplifying RPM for Payers, Providers, and Patients

Among the many healthcare innovations taking the world by storm, RPM — the ability to monitor patient statuses remotely — is making a particularly significant mark. By untethering much of what used to require a trip to the doctor from the clinical setting, RPM lets patients enjoy the convenience of care delivered in their home, and providers can use it to keep a consistent pulse on those they treat, develop better-informed care plans, and support adherence to medication routines. 

However, that doesn’t mean managing RPM is simple. It often incurs a heavy data influx on the provider side. And organizing this data to stratify patient risk can be complex for payers.  

CareSimple offers a full spectrum of technologies and services to simplify RPM for stakeholders across the care continuum. That includes devices that can monitor vitals such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and pulse, EHR integration, as well as software platforms developed specifically to remove operational complexities from the RPM process. The Spot On team couldn’t be more thrilled to showcase how this health tech innovator’s products are supercharging the realm of RPM.


3. Acclinate – Advancing Health Equity for Clinical Trials

Our nation isn’t healthy until everyone has access to high-quality care and the kind of equitable medical research that yields safe and effective drugs for every American. Over the past several years, healthcare establishments have increasingly prioritized how to reach every patient, and pharmaceutical companies have begun to seek more clinical trial diversity. 

But health equity isn’t just a goal. It’s a process that organizations across the spectrum must commit to and implement — with representation at the center of this mission. And they can’t accomplish that without the right tools paired with the right vision. 

Acclinate is the great mobilizer in health equity. Combining empowered community-building in diverse demographics with data analysis, Acclinate helps pharmaceutical companies actively increase representation in their clinical trials and assists other health organizations by supporting inclusivity initiatives. Here at Spot On, we’re proud to be a part of Acclinate’s mission by providing a new website design and ongoing healthcare marketing services. 

Ready to see what Spot On can do for your organization? Speak with one of our experts. 

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Published by Spot On Agency Team

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