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Five Ways Email Campaigns Provide Healthcare SaaS Marketing Insights

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on September 20, 2021
Five Ways Email Campaigns Provide Healthcare SaaS Marketing Insights
Five Ways Email Campaigns Provide Healthcare SaaS Marketing Insights

Five Ways Email Campaigns Provide Healthcare SaaS Marketing Insights

Rebecca Graves
By Rebecca Graves on September 20, 2021

Did you know that email produces an incredible 4,200% return on investment? This makes targeted email campaigns one of the most effective marketing channels available to any company.


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In the healthcare industry, SaaS marketing insights are critical to helping a company market more effectively. Inherent marketing issues for the healthcare SaaS market need to be carefully approached through an in-depth strategy and detailed insights to be successfully overcome.

Some of the marketing challenges for healthcare SaaS companies include:

  • Customer education
  • Optimization of multi-channel campaigns
  • Audience segmentation
  • Personalized engagement with customers on scale
  • Customer behavior and conversion rate optimization (CRO)

One of the most effective ways to approach these challenges is by developing email campaigns that provide better SaaS marketing insights and then analyzing them to inform future marketing decisions.

Through email marketing strategies designed for SaaS healthcare companies, you can gain key insights to move the needle on your marketing goals. Let’s explore how this works.

SaaS Email Marketing Examples

The best email marketing by SaaS healthcare companies addresses a particular marketing challenge and deploys a strategy that actively builds SaaS marketing insights to develop the performance of the campaign. Here are some SaaS email marketing examples to help illustrate how challenges can be addressed through email marketing strategies.

First, let's run through a few common SaaS email marketing examples:

  • Nurturing Leads
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Email List Segmentation
  • Email Automation
  • A / B Email Testing

Some of the techniques shared here are the same strategies that we deployed for our client Prevounce, which resulted in an 8,600% increase in sales meetings for them.

1. Overcome customer education through email nurture campaigns.

In the SaaS healthcare market, customer education can be a major marketing challenge. Even if you have an incredible solution, if your prospects can't understand how it will help them, then customer acquisition will be challenging. Sometimes these solutions are complicated and require detailed explanation.

Luckily, email nurture campaigns can be one of the best email marketing strategies for SaaS companies. If your company can set up a low-risk / high-value offer in exchange for emails of potential customers, then it's only a matter of educating them on the benefits of your solution over time.

An email nurture campaign provides a platform to actively engage with leads, provide them with resources to develop their understanding of your offer, and stay in contact with them until they convert into a customer. This level of engagement also provides your company with valuable SaaS marketing insights to identify and understand what information prospects require before they convert into a customer.

2. Funnel lead interest through email drip campaigns.

One of the challenges of multi-channel marketing is that it can be difficult to track prospect engagement and then gain insights on the points of conversion that are most valuable to your campaign. However, email can act as an integral part of a coordinated campaign with multiple touchpoints.

If you can funnel all of your lead attention into an email campaign, then you just need to track the channels that produce the most email sign-ups and focus primarily on optimizing your email campaign.

For example, let's say you are running three marketing channels on a campaign:

  1. Paid Ads
  2. Social Media
  3. SEO and Content Marketing

There are dozens of ways to apply these tactics, but if they are not all part of a coordinated campaign, then it's difficult to track insights and optimize the results. However, if every channel is primarily leading to a single point of conversion (ie. A landing page with a low-risk / high-value offer) that successfully captures prospect emails, then you can aggregate your efforts against an email drip campaign. Conversion rate optimization becomes significantly more effective when it is focused on one channel because the SaaS marketing insights are more easily tracked and analyzed.

3. Use email list segmentation to target different segments of your audience.

Many SaaS healthcare companies have a solution that aids different sectors of the industry or multiple types of stakeholders. There may also be simply different buyer personas that require distinct messaging in order to convert into customers.

The best email marketing campaigns by SaaS healthcare companies rely heavily on list segmentation in order to categorize their prospects and appeal directly to them. Segmentation may be done manually or automatically based on certain behavior, but the more detailed it is, then the more your team can use unique messaging that is compelling that part of your target audience.

Email list segmentation also produces better marketing insights for SaaS companies because you are able to analyze a particular group in detail rather than a general analysis of all types of prospects.

4. Create personalized engagement on scale through email automation.

Another marketing challenge for SaaS healthcare companies is creating personalized engagement with their prospects or customers on scale. Most successful SaaS companies have a user base that far outweighs the size of their team, which can make it hard to engage with prospects and customers with a personalized touch.

However, with strong email segmentation and email automation, it is possible to create the sense of a personalized experience, which will ultimately produce better marketing outcomes. For example, personalized email subject lines see a significant boost in open rates.

You can use email automation to help create personal touches for every email on scale. For example, dynamic email components can be used to automatically populate details about a person in their email, or you can engage with a subscriber automatically based on an action that they take.

This level of personalization provides better SaaS marketing insights because you can learn about certain customer behaviors and use email automation to track their activity for future optimization.

5. Understand customer behavior and improve CRO through A/B email tests.

A/B email tests are one of the best SaaS email marketing examples of ways to gain insights that are directly actionable against predicting customer behavior and optimizing conversion rates.

Understanding how your customers think is one of the biggest marketing challenges, and A/B tests can provide perspective on this more effectively than any other email marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most companies simply don't utilize A/B testing strategies as part of their email marketing campaigns.

If you are only looking at user behavior on one version of your marketing collateral (ie. email copy), then you really don't have any sense of how they might react to something radically different. Even small modifications can make a major difference to conversion rates in the long run.

Get Help Reaching Your Email Marketing Goals

Data and healthcare SaaS marketing insights are only useful if they are deployed to inform campaign decisions and marketing strategies. Ultimately, it's about understanding and setting your email marketing goals, and then collecting data that can help you reach those targets.

This takes time, iteration, persistence, and a deep understanding of your SaaS customers to truly move the needle for your company. Spot On has extensive experience helping our clients achieve marketing goals with targeted email campaigns. Want to learn more about how we applied email marketing strategies to help Prevounce generate a 1,600% increase in closed deals? Book a meeting with us here!

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Rebecca Graves
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