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Healthcare SaaS Product Marketing Strategy: How Pay-Per-Click Works

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on September 28, 2021
Healthcare SaaS Product Marketing Strategy: How Pay-Per-Click Works
Healthcare SaaS Product Marketing Strategy: How Pay-Per-Click Works

Healthcare SaaS Product Marketing Strategy: How Pay-Per-Click Works

Susie Kelley
By Susie Kelley on September 28, 2021

Today, Google has over 270 million U.S. unique visitors, with 81% using it to search online for a product or service. Therefore, it is no wonder why pay per click (PPC) continues to be an effective healthcare SaaS product marketing strategy.


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PPC can be a great way to market your company and reach hard-to-find B2B audiences. However, it can be a little intimidating for those just beginning their journey with paid ads.

Our healthcare digital marketing agency is here to help. This blog will define what pay-per-click is, how it works, and how it can significantly improve your SaaS product marketing strategy.

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic: What’s the Difference?

Whenever you type a question or query into a search engine, the list of results that appear are made up of both paid and organic results, but what's the difference?

Paid Traffic

Paid search traffic occurs when users navigate to a website after clicking on a link from a sponsored advertisement. The ad's sponsor pays for it to appear at the top of search results to earn more visitors and conversions.

Organic Traffic

Organic search traffic appears below sponsored ads on search engines such as Google and Bing. They are listed based on the quality of the page's content and how relevant it is to the user's search query.

What is Better for SaaS Sales and Marketing Spend?

The short answer: both.

Many studies showcase the value of brands earning both paid and organic traffic. For this reason, our SaaS marketing strategy advisors recommend our clients focus on increasing both traffic sources in tandem.

In other words, business leaders must utilize content marketing and pay-per-click marketing to achieve a successful, well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

The Importance of Keyword Research for PPC Ads

With 4.6 billion of the global population using the Internet daily, it’s the most effective channel for reaching B2B (and B2C) audiences. Let that number sink in for a minute.

Your healthcare SaaS company can connect with these billions of people online, but you first have to understand how to make your content accessible to them. To achieve this goal, you must conduct keyword research before hitting the ground running on PPC.

Neil Patel summed it up best when he said, "Keyword research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, driving every decision you make."

Without it, you can't know what search terms and phrases are more likely to lead qualified buyers to your website. Keyword research is a pivotal first step in launching PPC ads that will drive traffic, sales, and a high return on your SaaS sales and marketing spend.

How PPC Helps Your SaaS Product Marketing Strategy

There are countless benefits PPC advertising can offer healthcare SaaS-based marketing teams, including:

  • Quickly earning traffic to a new website or landing page.
  • Ranking ahead of your competitors' listings in search results.
  • Reaching hard-to-find, niche B2B audiences.
  • Finding top-performing keywords to incorporate in your website content.

Improve Content Marketing Rankings

Where your content lives on a search engine result page (SERP) directly correlates to how many people visit your website. For instance, a study by Backlink.io shows the #1 result in Google gets 31.7% of all clicks.

But how can you earn that most coveted spot? With effective PPC advertising. It is perhaps the fastest healthcare SaaS product marketing strategy to top rankings.

For best results, our healthcare software marketing agency recommends focusing on enhancing your ad's score. Doing so includes looking at your ad's main components such as:

  • Keyword relevance
  • Ad copy relevance
  • The bid amount
  • Quality of your landing page

Learn more about SaaS Content Marketing in Healthcare and Why It’s So Effective.

Outrank the Competition in Search

Aside from ranking for quality keywords related to your products and services, PPC can also help your healthcare SaaS company rank for competitor brand names.

Take, for example, email marketing software competitors. When I search for, "MailerLite" I am shown three competing platforms as the top results.

There is no greater guarantee that you are advertising to a highly qualified audience than someone looking for a healthcare SaaS company that sells the same products as you. Plus, if you succeed in earning their click, it is one less conversion for your competition.

Explore Paid Social Media Advertising

A healthcare SaaS product marketing strategy is not limited to Google. Marketers can also leverage pay-per-click ads on various social media platforms. For example, LinkedIn is an effective advertising tool for reaching niche B2B audiences interested in using SaaS products.

For context, it is 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn is so much more useful for B2B lead generation because it is widely used by high-level decision-makers. The social media platform has targeting capabilities that allow SaaS-based marketing teams to reach their exact buyer personas by selecting criteria such as

  1. Industry
  2. Job Title
  3. Job Function + Seniority
  4. Company size

Utilize Your CRM for Customer and Prospect List Targeting

Most major advertising platforms support some form of customer or prospect list targeting to reach people who have already shown an interest in your healthcare SaaS product.

The process involves uploading a list to the ad platform that contains different identifiers such as emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. Then, the ad platform matches the provided information with users' profiles so brands can advertise to customers or prospects on different networks such as Google and Facebook.

Our marketing agency recommends including as much identifying information as possible. By doing so, your healthcare SaaS product marketing has a better chance of the advertising platform matching you to the right audience.

Find Valuable Keywords to Increase Organic Traffic

Many marketers know and love keyword research when it comes to PPC advertising. However, when it comes to content marketing, it is not always treated as important. Neglecting to conduct keyword research for inbound marketing strategies is a huge mistake.

Our SaaS marketing strategy advisors always recommend taking a close look at PPC data to see which keywords are working well and which are providing little traffic. Then, use this insight to identify high-performing keywords that content teams can leverage in blog posts, product pages, and other types of website content.

As a result, your company has a greater chance of ranking twice on the first page of Google for both paid and organic search results. Higher visibility = more brand recognition = increased number of conversions.

Looking for more tips? Read How to Implement Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Healthcare SaaS.

Launch a Successful Healthcare SaaS PPC Advertising Strategy

Spot On specializes in healthcare SaaS digital marketing strategies. We focus on gaining an in-depth view of your customers’ expectations and needs to pull them in.

Oftentimes a healthcare SaaS product marketing strategy doesn’t need more ads. They need a plan. Spot On helps create and execute a plan to earn more sales. For example, we helped Prevounce, a healthcare software company, rise to the first page of organic search results and earn over a 1,600% increase in deals (Read the case study here).

Interested in working with our team of SaaS marketing strategy advisors? Let’s talk! Request your free consultation by filling out an online form or calling us at 205-690-7171.

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Susie Kelley
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